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Editorial: Feedback

Last month we encouraged you to sustain the volunteer effort exhibited with the Extreme Home Makeover program to help other homes and neighborhoods in need.

Your feedback was tangible, as seven homes alone were rehabbed last Saturday through the Rebuilding Together Central Alabama chapter.  Several churches and businesses and the Junior League of Montgomery teamed in this effort.  That group alone says it has now completed 450 homes the past 16 years.  Great job!

Our editorial on the PACT program didn't sit well with some of you.  

One woman emailed that she and her husband didn't participate in the program because it was not guaranteed.  It wasn't for more than 40,000 PACT students. Just over 6,000 signed "guaranteed payment" contracts before the word "guaranteed" was taken out of the contract in 1995.     

"People of this state need to read all information about a program such as this and not go by what someone tells them," she wrote. "It is not fair to the rest of the taxpayers to pay for those who participated in the program.   Everything I read about it made me think of a glorified 401K program.  I have yet to find a 401K that was guaranteed."

And regarding our editorial last week demanding transparent lobbyist donations before considering bills, one viewer emailed, "EVERY legislative issue involves lobbying, and the transparency issue is unlikely to be resolved any time soon.  That would mean your advice would advocate "shutting down" the legislature with regard to ALL issues."

We appreciate all of your feedback.

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