Prattville Teacher is a Class Act

"I love teaching. I've always wanted to be a teacher," says Tammy Horton, she teaches at Prattville Kindergarten School. She's taught kindergartners for 12 years, and has become a perfect role model for future teachers like Amber Spears.

Spears is a teacher intern in Horton's classroom. "I enjoyed the shared reading, the guided reading and every technique she uses. It's amazing just to see how much the children have learned," she says.

One of Horton's former interns, Sadie Robbins, now teaches in the classroom next door. "Most everything that I learned under her as I interned, I use that now in my teacher practices. She was a very fun teacher and I take that into the classroom with me also," says Robbins.

Horton uses fun and lots of hands-on activities to keep kids motivated to learn. She says if they have an academic curiosity, they're eager to find out about new things. She uses that philosophy as a member of the school's curriculum committee. Horton says, "I get to be a part of helping to make up what we hold children responsible for learning and what we hold teachers responsible for teaching. I'm very privileged to be able to put my two cents in on what I think is important for children to learn and what I think is important for teachers to teach to children."

Principal Sylvia Knight says, "she's (Horton) the kind of teacher that every principal would love to have at their school. She's great for the children, of course. The parents love her and all of the teachers really look up to her."

Horton is also on the school accreditation committee and active with the nursery and choir of her church.

Education Report: Michael Briddell