First U.S. Swine Flu death confirmed

Washington (AP & WSFA) - The acting head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the confirmed death of a toddler in Texas is a tragic development, but that it's too soon to say just how fast the swine flu virus is spreading.

Dr. Richard Besser said Wednesday health authorities had been anticipating that the virus would cause deaths, and said that "As a pediatrician and a parent, my heart goes out to the family." But Besser said in a nationally broadcast network interview that it's too soon to say if the death in Texas suggests the virus is spreading to more states. Nor would he say whether officials think it will become a nationwide problem.

Besser said on NBC's "TODAY" show that he didn't believe "This indicates any change in the strain of the flu." Besser also said that "We see with any flu virus a spectrum of disease symptoms" and said authorities need to learn more about the threat.

The World Health Orginization has called an emergency meeting for today, it is expected they may upgrade the Swine Flu outbreak to "Pandemic" level.

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