President Obama Holds News Conference on His 100th Day in Office

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama has marked his first 100 days in office with a prime-time news conference.

It was the third of Obama's presidency and the first not dominated by the recession. Obama said progress has been made in rebuilding the economy, yet more remains to be done. Obama offered reassurance that the government is doing everything it can to stay ahead of the swine flu outbreak. The president said that waterboarding authorized by former President George W. Bush was torture and that the information it may have gained from terror suspects could have been obtained by other means.

On the international scene, the president gave assurance that one way or another Pakistan's nuclear arsenal would not fall into the hands of Islamic extremists. He said he's confident "primarily, initially" because he believes Pakistan will handle the issue on its own. But he left the door open to U.S. action to secure the weapons if need be.

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