Local Chrysler customers weigh in on bankruptcy plan

Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

PRATTVILLE, AL (WSFA) -- Jesse Manning has driven Chrysler cars for quite a while.

"Since the early 60s," says Manning.

He's owned about 15 in his lifetime.

"It's a good, solid, dependable car," he says.

Most of the cars come from Victory Chrysler in Prattville.  But news of the bankruptcy isn't changing his mind towards the car company he loves.

"I've seen so many big corporations having to do it this year, and the latter part of last year...it's just something that had to be done."

It's this mentality Lamar Wagner, owner of Victory Chrysler, wants to see in his customers. The bankruptcy comes at a time when he and many owners think it should.

"Hopefully this will be the dawn of a new era," says Wagner.

It's a company move that shouldn't even affect dealerships or consumers.

"Really there's no real change.  The structure will stay the same.  We'll still have the same products, the same warranty, the same parts. So you know, it's like changing shoes from one foot to another," says Wagner.

It's a change fellow Chrysler customer Mike Jones thinks can only help.

"If you're doing business with someone that recognizes that they have a problem, and they're trying to correct the problem, I think it's going to maybe draw more buyers in."