Expensive, custom watches stolen in Montgomery

The clock is ticking for these timeless timepieces.

One of a kind watches that caught a thieve's eye while ransacking an apartment at Azaela Hill.

The owner Greg Stillion says, "It looked like they were going take the big screens too, but they went into the bedroom and saw the watches and took those."

Watch-collector Greg Stillion has an eye for the finer things in life: sales manager of the local Porshe dealership and the proud owner of 45 custom Swiss time pieces. A collection recently dwindled down to about 30.

"One was about $35,000, the problem I have is the watches I got, nobody's going to have those watches."

But someone does, all $138,000 of themm not including the watch winder used to engage the springs in Swiss watches.

"The watch winders are almost $20,000"

Stillion says this wasn't a random act, he feels like he was profiled and now's he's putting up $1,000 for anyone who comes forward with information.

"The lawn guys were still mowing, somebody had to go through there, somebody had to see something."

If you have any information, please call CrimeStoppers at (334) 215 STOP.  You may be eligible for an additional cash reward.