Troy University officials advise students after a probable case of Swine Flu is found in student

Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

TROY, AL (WSFA) -- "Wow, Troy got it" says Troy University student, Latisha Cowan.

Some students are surprised to hear of possible Swine Flu so close to home.

"I was like, oh god, what kind of protection can I take?" says Troy freshman, Cambrea Johnson.

But others don't seem too concerned.

"Personally I'm not worried about it too much at all. From everything I've heard of, and the people I've talked to, it's basically just a different strand of the flu," says Troy senior, Michael Precise.

But university leaders aren't taking any chances.  The Alabama Department of Public Health alerted administrators to a probable case of the Swine Flu in a female student.  Now they're putting out the word--asking students to take necessary precautions like washing hands, and covering their mouth when sneezing or coughing.

They're also asking anyone with flu-like symptoms to not take final exams.  If students miss a test, they're allowed to make it up when they feel better.

The university is urging students to get medical attention if needed.

"We are keeping records and passing that information along to the local and state health state department," says Troy University Dean of Student Services, Herbert Reeves.

Troy students have only two days left of final exams.

Because many have already left for the summer, they hope that keeps the virus from spreading.

But for now, students are doing what they know to do to stay clear from the flu.

"I always carry hand sanitizer. So, I'm always wiping my hands," says Cowan.