Judge Dismisses Elmore County Parents' Lawsuit About Swine Flu

Montgomery, AL (WSFA) -Two parents in Elmore County felt so strongly about the Swine Flu, they filed a lawsuit to keep their out of classes for the rest of the school year. On Monday, a judge made short order out of the suit. He dismissed it.

Jerry and Carol Blevins wanted the school board to let their sons stay home and continue their studies there without the possibility of failing for the year because of excessive absences.   Spud Seal is the Elmore County School system's attorney. He tells WSFA 12 News, "Our issue was whether he had the right to withdraw the children from school and then us provide services for the children, which we had no obligation to do.

Jerry Blevins responded to the suit by saying, "Hopefully this issue's over, but if the circumstances change, we'll be back to square one, removing them again. We'll be back in court again, maybe next time federal court."

The school board said what the Blevins asked to do was illegal. So far, there are no swine flu cases reported in Elmore County.