Wiregrass Newsroom: Wounded deputy's wife talks about tragic standoff in Headland

Deputy Ted Yost, and his wife Cindy shortly after they were married.
Deputy Ted Yost, and his wife Cindy shortly after they were married.

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DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) -- It was a little more than a week ago when Cindy Yost's life was turned upside-down after her husband, Henry County Sheriff's Deputy Ted Yost, was shot in the head by a gunman in Headland.

"When I was told he was shot in the face, the first thing I thought of was he's not going to make it," says Cindy.

Her husband of just one year was fighting for his life after what deputies thought was a routine call to a house off County Road 55 in Headland.   It was a call that left one Headland Police Officer dead, and Cindy wondering if she'd ever see her husband again.

"I was terrified.  I guess anybody that's got a soul mate that has something like this happen.   You think what are you going to do?  What happens if something happens to him?"

But what did happen forever changed the couple.

"That that doesn't kill us, makes us stronger...and I think he's going to come out stronger," Cindy says.

But it didn't just change the Yost family.

As Deputy Yost recovers at the Southeast Alabama Medical Center, his colleagues at the Henry County Sheriff's Department are using this experience to make themselves better.

"We're going to step up the training, we're gonna be more aggressive. The men can't be equipped too much.  All the bad guys have good equipment so that's what we want," says Henry County Sheriff, Will Maddox.

It's an attempt to keep shootings like the one in Headland from happening again.

But for now Cindy's grateful her husband's coming home.   And for the family of fallen Headland Police Officer Dexter Hammond, killed by the gunman, she has one thing to say.

"You're family now.   And you'll always be in our prayers.  You'll be in our lives forever, and we'll take care of you.  Anything you'll ever need."