Wetumpka Teacher a Class Act

This week's Class Act is Patti Smith from Wetumpka Elementary School.    She's heard that phrase before.  More than a decade ago she also won the Class Act award when she taught at Coosada Elementary School.    But this time it's different.   "This one is more special to me because of the group I have this year," Smith said.

After a rough start to the year she says her teaching philosophy changed and things are much better now.    "The saying teachers say all the time is, try to make a difference for a child.    I used to say that but now I say they make a difference in my life everyday."   Now Ms. Smith is taking things on child at a time.    "Every kid no matter what baggage they bring, they can be successful if they put their mind to it."

It's been a life changing year for these kids and for Ms. Patti Smith.  She's this week's Class Act.