Attempted murder-suicide investigation in Evergreen

The steps leading up to a house on Bellview Avenue is where police say an Evergreen man reached his breaking point.

It's believed the shooter and the victim were fighting over the same woman.

The next day, police say the shooter went to this home where the woman was staying, knocked on the door- and when the victim opened the door- he opened fire.

Detective Sean Klaetsch says "The shooter dated this girl before, and he came back and wanted to have her back."

The bullet went through the victim's shoulder, shot across his back...and lodged in the other shoulder.

Afterwards, police say the shooter quickly turned around and went home.

"He went back to his residence and committed suicide."

Police say the shooter had no criminal history, and the people who knew him are shocked.

But police say it didn't seem to come as a surprise to the woman caught in the cross fire.

"She didn't seem to be shock, its hard to say, there were several witness there, they were all in shock."

The victim is being treated in a Mobile hospital, currently doctors say he is paralyzed.

Investigators aren't releasing the name of the men involved until their families are notifed.