Editorial: Veteran Salute

Prattville Intermediate School students cheered World War II veterans for hours Saturday morning in Washington, D.C. and that was before the veterans from our area even arrived!

They cheered even more loudly when the Prattville South Alabama chapter of the Honor Flight program arrived.   Cheers to them for making that a part of their field trip.

Cheers as well to the hundreds of military men who literally saluted the veterans on the runway when they returned from D.C. and the thousands of others who cheered them inside the airport and donated money to fund not only this trip but two previous ones for our area veterans.

A couple married 64 years - both World War II veterans - were among those on this trip.

The youngest World War II veteran is now 80 years old.

The five year old memorial to them is a fitting tribute.

The community support for the veterans will never be forgotten.

A World War II veteran from Selma said it best with this note of appreciation when he returned from the trip:

"In consideration of the many details to cover this great honor and joyful event, our hope is renewed in a confidence of your leadership and response for a future assurance of love of our country and humankind."