Guest Editorial: Social Networking

The Internet brings new challenges and chances at stardom today. The woman from Britain's Got Talent has had more than a million hits on YouTube. The 1st runner-up to Miss USA has become better known than the winner because her comments have been posted on MySpace, Twitter and YouTube.  Social networking sites are the "in" thing today. Technology can, and is, a great thing if used with caution.

However if you've shot a video, been a star in one or had photos posted to one of these websites without your knowledge you could have a problem. YOUR permission should have been given to the individual posting the material before it was released on the website. If the material is derogatory, profane or lewd and you're in it, it could ruin a potential career or a life. THINK before you post, REVIEW before you hit send and remember the life you SAVE could be your own.

I'm Rose McCall