Ala rep. apologizes for vulgar word in e-mail

Rep. Ronald Grantland (D)
Rep. Ronald Grantland (D)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - A state representative from north Alabama has apologized for using a vulgar four-letter word in an e-mail he sent from his official state account.

Democratic Rep. Ron Grantland of Hartselle sent the e-mail Sunday morning to Harold Sorenson of Rutledge in response to a message Sorenson sent to all House members.

Sorenson asked them to support a resolution that backs sovereignty for the state of Alabama.

The message to Grantland was from the e-mail address "amigo-now" and the legislator said he thought it was a joke sent from a friend.

Grantland's e-mail message back included a crude phrase with the four-letter word.

Sorenson said he wants Grantland to resign and has asked Attorney General Troy King to investigate.

Grantland said Wednesday he regrets the incident but has no plans to resign.

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