Flood Victims Finding Help With New Information Line

Posted by: Bryan Henry - bio | email


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In the Forest Hills subdivision we found an emotional Brenda Price, briefly overcome by the enormity of what happened here 24 hours ago.

"Everybody lost stuff," Price said blinking back tears.

The home Price is standing in front of belongs to her mother.  The carpet is ruined, the furniture gone and the wooden floors will probably need to be replaced.

And to add insult to injury, Price literally fell into a sinkhole located in her mother's front yard. Price suffered cuts and scrapes on her right ankle and right elbow.

Still, people like Price are finding solace in a three-digit information line. In Price's case her mom has no flood insurance. The number 3-1-1 and operators want to know things like your name, address and a synopsis of your damage. This is critical information needed to put people like Price in a good position to receive federal assistance.

"We want to get our ducks in a row and have good information for FEMA," said Montgomery County EMA Director Steve Jones who estimates that at least 300 homes were damaged by the flash-floods.

"The operator was real nice. She wanted my address and told me to take pictures," said Price.

500 calls and counting. Hundreds of homeowners weathering the aftermath of a wicked flood that injured 11 and killed one.