Recent rains have silver lining for Ala. farmers

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Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) -- Recent rains and flooding have caused damage all across the state but farmers can see the silver lining. Dreadful drought conditions are no worries for farmers anymore but now a new hindrance: the economy.

Manager of Jim Durbin Sunshine farms, Tim Minor, says, "For the first time in three years our ponds, our tanks, whatever you want to call them, are full of water and you know we have been without water to do any irrigating with for the past 24 months."

During the drought some farmers lost 25-30% of their crop. However, this year, despite a few late freezes, Minor is optimistic.

Minor says, "We took some damage in low lying areas but the crop looks good, they are growing good."

Lake levels may be on rise, but the economy is on the decline. Minor says despite the economy Alabamians are so supportive of locally grown produce.

Minor says, "we are working hard to put a good safe product on the store shelves out there and it seems that the public is staying behind us to keep it going."

The costs to produce crops, especially labor costs, have increased over the years, but Sunshine Farms haven't changed the price of their strawberries in five years. Despite the economy Sunshine Farms expects sales to be successful this year because, simply, people still have to eat and nothing is better than the freshest fruit from right down the road.

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