Montgomery residents plead for flood assistance

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) --  When massive flood waters, headed his way, Montgomery resident James Segrest grabbed his camcorder.

He started rolling, capturing the churning flood waters while residents tried to stay afloat.

"It was probably 2 feet deep in my front yard, and I went and got my camera.  I had to stand inside. I couldn't open the door to come out," Segrest explained.

The nearby drainage ditch--thought to be the problem--is worse for wear but dry for the time being.

By any measure, the severe flooding left a lasting impression on the neighborhood.

"[I had] 10 years of belongings.  [They were] gone in three hours," said Steve Shields of Montgomery.

Shields and his family spent their Mother's Day salvaging their possessions.

"When you walk into 3 feet of water, everything you own is gone. [. . .] Luckily, we were able to salvage enough clothes to stay washed up and clean," Shields explained.

"I told [my husband and kids] I just want to go to dinner.  That's my Mother's Day:  dinner with my family," said Nicole Shields.

Meanwhile, next door neighbors emptied their homes and looked back on a ferocious storm.

It's truly a nightmare for residents who have homeowner's insurance--but no flood insurance.

They're saving what they can, placing the rest alongside the street, and waiting for help.

"The insurance company isn't going to anything for us, so we just have to hope that FEMA will come and assist us in anyway they can," Shields said.

"This is just unbelievable for this to happen, and I don't think these people get the attention they deserve," said Ashley Singley of Montgomery.

WSFA 12 News has learned FEMA will survey the flood damage in Montgomery on May 18th.

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