Citrus Man

If it can be grown in Alabama John Neighbors will find a way to do it.  He can grow just about anything.     "This is a small part of heaven for me,"  Neighbors said about his 40 acres of crops in Equality.    "Just take a deep breath, is there anywhere else you could breath air so fresh?"

One thing you don't find to much of in this part of the state is citrus crops.  But Neighbors went on a field trip to south Alabama a decade ago and got an idea.     "I said if you can do it down there, I can do it up here, I just need a little more design to it."     So he did.  He designed he own high tunnels to cover the oranges, limes, and lemons during those cold winter nights.   And he came up with something else.      "If you would put your hand on here, feel it, it's warm.   In the winter time the sun still shines on it, it heats up this 55 gallon drum and releases heat during the nighttime."

So far sweet success.     "I have 5 different variety's of Satsumas which are mandarin oranges."  And like any good farmer, he always takes some time to sample his work.   "A chilly morning, first thing I do is eat 3 or 4 and stick 3 more in my pocket."

Quality fruit in Equality, Alabama thanks to man who won't take no for an answer.   You can visit Neighbors farm and pick your own fruit when it's in season.  It's off highway 259 between Equality and Alex City.