Hayneville Teacher is a Class Act

"You see that light comes on and they say, 'oh now I get it.' And that's rewarding in itself." says, Gwendolyn Daniel. She loves the 'eureka!' moments that take place in her classroom at Jackson-Steele Elementary. Her students give her credit for making them happen.

6th grader Calvin Means says, "she doesn't just sit up and talk, talk, talk; she gets into her class; and she lets us do activities. Her class is fun and it's also educating."

As a reading and language teacher she searches for innovative ways to help her students. Card games that build vocabulary and an assignment for kids to write about their heroes. "My mom was my hero because she put food on the table for me; and she put clothes and shoes on my feet and on my back," says 6th grader Latricia Robinson.

Principal Dr. Thomas Bell says of Daniel, "she is an integral part of our program. Without her I don't think we could've retained our academic clear status." Daniel gives the credit to all of the teachers at the school. However, in her classroom students prepare for standardized tests every morning.

Daniel says "we have practices on the different reading comprehension skills, we go over vocabulary skills. We do synonyms; there's a clothesline of synonyms in the room. Because those are the important things that are going to be on that test; and they need to know all of it."

Daniel is also the faculty coordinator of the school's beta club for honor roll students. The group performs charity work and tutoring; and last year took a week-long trip to Disney World.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell