MLK Elementary Teacher a Class Act

This week's Class Act is Mrs. Gloria Callens from Martin Luther King Elementary school in Montgomery.    She's been in the classroom for 27 years.   She started out as a teachers aid and then decided to go to college with her daughter and get her degree.   She truly loves what she does.    "I like to come in and motivate my kids,"  Callens said.  "I feel like I'm producing future leaders."

Mrs. Callens really believes that every student has a chance to succeed.    "Self esteem helps a child, if you give them the love and the self esteem they can do great things."

Sadly this is Mrs. Callens last year in the classroom, she's ready to retire.   But the kids at MLK will still see her around.    "I'm gonna be up here reading and visiting."

Congratulations on a great career Mrs. Callens, you're this week's Class Act.