Flood victim's daughter tries to protect dad

Becky Naley is making sure no one tries to take advantage of her father during the flood repair process.
Becky Naley is making sure no one tries to take advantage of her father during the flood repair process.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - On Happy Hallow Drive there is a story about a daughter looking out for her dad. "This generation is a very trusting generation," said Becky Naley of her father's generation.

All the more reason why Naley and her two sisters feel the need to be with their father as they wade through the aftermath of last week's flash-floods.

"They can take care of anything that happens to me,' said Bill Poole.

Poole is 81-years old, a World War 2 veteran and he could very well be the kind of target scam artists would go after offering their 'home repair' services to flood victims. In Poole's case the water saturated and destroyed the sheet rock and the flooring in his home of more than 50 years.

"We've had people drop off stuff in the mailbox," said Naley.

To be fair that is not to say any of those contractors who dropped their business literature in Poole's mailbox are con artists. Still, Naley found their actions a little disturbing.  It was unsolicited and they did it just hours after the flood waters receded while emotions were raw and fresh.

"That left a bad taste in our mouths," said Naley.

Even more troubling on the day the flood Naley says people in general came by and literally went through the family's trash. That really bothered her.

"We're not calling them," she said.

As far as calling the contractors, Naley says the family feels it's best to let their insurance agent do his work and take it from there.

"We want to do this in the proper way and I want to protect my dad," said Naley.

But if you do talk to a contractor the attorney general's office recommends that you ask for proof that they are bonded and insured, check out their license and don't accept the first quote given. So far, so good. No reports to the AG's office of anyone getting ripped off. At least 750 homes in Montgomery were damaged by the floods.

Back on Happy Hallow Drive, the flood ripped off Bill Poole's 3 cars, most of his furniture and floor. Becky Naley is making sure a potential scam artist doesn't do the same with his wallet.

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