Lee County laying off 14 teachers

Lee County school leaders are making cuts.  Board members Tuesday night cut 14 teacher positions and contracts.  Also, non-tenured teachers are being given a notice that their 189 day contracts will not be renewed.  They will be rehired and asked to sign a 187 day contract.

Our news partner WTVM attend the meeting and talked with the superintendent and teacher advocates.  "It's one of the most unpleasant things you have to do reduce staff, but you have to be responsible and you have to live within your means and still provide great schools.  We're going to do that," says Lee County Schools Superintendent Dr. Stephen Nowlin.  "From what I was told, they're only saving $100,000 by doing that.  Save that $100,000 and cut that job out and keep them, there are other ways to go around getting the money," says teacher advocate Andrew Gracia.

The first of the teachers who were laid off were informed Tuesday.  More teachers will be notified Wednesday.