ONLY ON WSFA 12 NEWS: Victim speaks out about officer involved shooting

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MONTGOMERY, Ala (WSFA) -- The answers are still out of reach for Brenda Hamm, who found herself in the middle of crime scene early Thursday morning.

"[My daughter said,] 'Something's wrong with him.  Something's wrong with him.'  And then it just went on from there," Hamm explained.

Hamm says her daughter, Joyce, and a friend--who police say was in his 20s--went to the store.

When they returned to Hamm's apartment, the young man just wasn't acting right.

"He started calling us other people's names, and I ain't ever seen that before--somebody just flip out like that."

Soon after, the young man refused to leave.

"He was coming toward my daughter.  Me and him, we tussled over the knife.  That's how I ended up getting cut, because we tussled over the knife," Hamm explained.

Hamm needed stitches in her right hand.  Her pregnant daughter only suffered a small cut, and the baby is fine.

"I had to protect me and my daughter, so I had to call the police.  I didn't know what else I could do for him," she said.

The man, however, died at the hands of Montgomery Police officers.  After they confronted him, he reportedly grabbed for an officer's gun.

That's when they opened fire.

"I did hear them say, 'Get down.' Next thing I know, I heard some tussling, and I heard some shots," Hamm said.

Though she knows police were doing their job, Hamm wishes the ordeal had a better ending.

"I feel like it could have been handled in a different way, and I feel bad because it's another young black man dead," she explained.

This is the second shooting involving a police officer in less than a week.  The Alabama Bureau of Investigation has control of the case.

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