State Championship home run for Montgomery's economy

Call it a home run for Montgomery's economy.

Baseball and softball teams from across the state are stepping up to the plate to see who'll take home the state title, while parents and die-hard fans foot the bill.

"Probably spent between $400 and $500 dollars,  we don't get to do this very often so we splurge"

Parent Robert Bogos, a proud Lexington Bear fan, is in from North Alabama to watch his daughter's team.

We booked 16 rooms just for the team, and our baseball team is in the state games too.

The Chamber of Commerce says teams, not including parents and fans, booked 650 rooms in Montgomery.

On average, each guest spends about $168 dollars per overnight visit to Montgomery on food and a hotel room.

Which adds up to about $750,000 for the entire week an easy figure for one Huntsville coach to digest.

"We'll probably spend close to $8,000 by the end of the week."

The city's concession stands might give you a better idea of the money being spent on food.

Since Thursday, the Lagoon Park Consession stand has sold almost $6,000 in refreshments, and this is only one of the three venues for games in the city.

"We went to Texas roadhouse, a party of 50 was ahead of us and a party of 25 behind was pretty busy"