Montgomery's red light cameras find support in Legislature

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) -- Like it or not, they're watching.   Officers stare at screens, making sure you mind the rules of the road.

"You actually see your face, and you see your tag, and you definitely get a ticket," said one motorist.

Red light cameras at 7 intersections throughout the city could be the first of many in the months ahead.

A bill passed through the State Legislature Friday gives the official go-ahead for the red light program and confirms the process is legal.

"It just gives us validation that this technology that can save the lives of motorists is legitimate, and we're glad for that," explained Michael Briddell, the city's spokesman.

Now, there's room for expansion.  The city is looking to place more cameras in the coming months.

But where will they go?

"The locations of the cameras are going to be data driven.  Where are we seeing people run red lights the most? Where are we seeing the most crashes," Briddell said.

City leaders have their eyes on at least one crossroads: Vaughn Road and East Boulevard.

"There were on average 150 people running the red lights at that intersection every day," Briddell explained.

"I think that would be a good intersection, personally.  That would be one of the good intersections for it," said one motorist.

Drivers agree: it's time to do something.

"I actually had an accident back in January where I was rear ended--where someone came through an intersection on a red light, so I think it's a good thing," said Caprice Donerlson of Montgomery.

The new legislation requires the city to post more signs and notify offenders through certified mail, which city leaders say costs $5.71 more.

Officials don't yet know if that could boost the price of a ticket.

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