Blount Teacher a Class Act

In Ms. Karen Lee's class, they're having fun and learning at the same time.     She's been a teacher for 19 years and she's this week's Class Act.  Lee has been at Blount Elementary school in Montgomery for the last three years and she loves the classroom.     "When you see that one child have the light go on that makes it worth it, or when a child will say, Ms. Lee that's pretty hard but you make it easy,"  Lee said.

Blount principal Mona Green nominated Ms. Lee for the award.   And Ms. Lee admits it's not all about her.   In this classroom it's a team effort.    "I think hands on active participation works well and also group activities because they can often bounce around ideas and learn from their peers."

Ms. Karen Lee from Blount Elementary School in Montgomery, you're this week's Class Act.