The Village at Little Texas

Quiet and peaceful.    That's the best way to describe the tiny community of Little Texas.    "People slow down out here," said Village owner Jerry Many.     But there aren't too many slow days for Jerry.    All by himself he's built tiny buildings all over this huge chunk of land.    But why?  "I'm not doing it for me, I'm doing it for the kids.    If I had to do over again I probably wouldn't do it, ha, ha, ha."

The Village has a bunch of small stores.    There's a candle shop, general store, antique store, holiday shop, cafe, flower shop, even a chapel.     And here's the cool part the grand kids all get their own business.      Hannah Rae runs the general store.     "I get to be the boss, yeah I'm pretty bossy and I like bossing people around," smiled Hannah Rae McDonald.

Cousin Hayden Davis runs the antique shop.   I asked her, "grandpa says this place is the money maker so you must be the smart one right?"    She nodded, smiled and said, "Yes."

Cousin Ragan Davis is the oldest, she runs the flower shop, and she knows her stuff.    "If they want simple stuff they'd come and get these vases," Davis said.     For the grand kids this set up is a dream come true.     For Jerry and Sandra Many, its a chance to sneak in a hidden lesson on life.     "We enjoy having the grand kids come out and learning about work ethic, you don't get anything handed to you," Sandra Many said.     Jerry Many agrees, "work never hurt nobody."

You can visit "The Village" in Little Texas.    From Montgomery take I-85 north to Wire Rd.   Go right toward Columbus for 8 miles and follow the signs.    It's open Saturdays from 9-6 and Sundays from 1-6.     You can also rent out the facility for weddings and other special events.   Just call  727-0175.