MPS announces $10 million in cuts

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The budget ax fell Tuesday at the Montgomery Public School System. The school board voted to slash nearly $10 million from its budget. That translates into more than 140 job losses.

The cuts will come from virtually every part of the school system -- teachers, support staff, central office, etc. Interim Superintendent Clay Slagle made the recommendations.

Slagle said classroom instruction is still the system's first priority. He wanted to spread the cuts across the entire system to try and reduce the negative affects.

Here's how the cuts break down:

  • 63 teachers
  • 31 school support positions
  • 19 counselors and assistant principals
  • 33 central office employees

"It's heart wrenching to make those recommendations and to ask the board to consider and approve those," Slagle told WSFA 12 News.

"I have some things to consider on how to implement [the cuts]. There's another piece left to move forward with."

That next piece is deciding which employees get pink slips. So far, only members of the central office staff have been identified for layoffs.

Slagle says he will first identify the schools affected, then leave it up to the principals to make personnel recommendations.

If it sounds bad, the cuts apparently could have been worse. The system saved 30 teaching jobs with the help of economic stimulus money.

You can blame a reduction in state funding for the cuts not only in Montgomery, but at school systems statewide. The economy this year forced the legislature to pass an education budget $500 million dollars leaner than last year.

In all, the cuts are expected to save the Montgomery system more than $9.8 million. The next board meeting is scheduled for May 26 at 4:00pm at Forest Avenue Magnet School.

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