King siblings oppose film deal struck by brother

ATLANTA (AP) - DreamWorks plans the first big-screen portrayal of the life of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. But two of King's children are threatening legal action because the film deal was made without their blessing.

DreamWorks touted the project in a press release as the first theatrical motion picture authorized by the estate using King's intellectual property as the basis for the film. Steven Spielberg was listed as a co-producer. The only other film about King that made it to theaters was a documentary that was shown in 1970.

Dexter King, one of the late civil rights leader's sons, said in a press release that he hoped the movie would "be the definitive film" on his father's legacy. Two other King siblings - Bernice King and Martin Luther King III - said they had no input in the deal. Bernice King says the deal does not have their blessing.

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