Family Health Clinic might have to close doors due to lack in funding.

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DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) - Many Americans across the country are going without health care because they can't afford it.

However in Dothan, those less fortunate are able to get free health care but due to a lack of funding the clinic may be forced to close their doors at the end of the year.

The Alfred Saliba Family Services Center Family Health Clinic has served people for nine years and for many it's a blessing.

"The clinic means everything to me and my son," says Martha Greg's a patient of the clinic.

Greg's is one of the thousands of patients who receive medical treatment at the clinic here each year.

"I have diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, they provide my medication," adds Greg's.

However, a lack of money could close the clinic's doors at the end of year.

The board directors say funding is running out meaning they might not be able to pay the doctor...

"We could have the all the infrastructure here, we can have the connections, but without the physician to refer and to write these prescriptions it's really a no go for the clinic," explains Steve Trukoski, one of the board members.

The family health clinic served over three thousand people in 2008 and if they're forced to close their doors, that would leave many of them searching for a new place to find health care.

"I'm devastated cause I know some of the other people that come here, and even with the little bit of job they have they can't afford health insurance," says James Dean, another patient at the clinic.

The board says they're also fighting the recession; they rely on non-profits for some financial help but with less money floating around it's more competitive.

"We need to break some new ground and go about finding it and how to do it," adds Trukoski.

For the patients they're hoping an answer is found.

"I don't know what's going to happen and I'm worried," says Greg's.

Worried and hoping the doors to the clinic stay open.

Over the last three years, the clinic has been using a $170,000 grant from the Wiregrass Foundation.

However the grant will end this year and hasn't been renewed yet.

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