Editorial: Feedback

You gave mixed feedback on our checkpoints editorial.  Jim McNees emailed: "I want more of them especially in the areas where me and my family drive. I request that if the car is not insured, that the police impound it until the owner can come and present proof of insurance.  If no proof of insurance is provided in 30 days the car should be confiscated like a drug car and then sold at auction with the proceeds to fund more police work in Montgomery."

Kevin Elkins disagreed, emailing: "Road block/check points are in my opinion, unlawful.  This is not why I, as well as other military men have bled, died and hurt for, not a police state.  It is time people remember that this is a "free" country and our military are dying and get hurt everyday to protect "our" way of life.  It is beginning to resemble another country sometimes."

Our state legislature gave tangible feedback to several of our editorials.

Several bills we endorsed were passed, including raising the drop out age from 16 to 17, the bill named for Montgomery police officer Keith Houts creating stronger penalties for attempting to elude a police officer, bills offering incentives for white collar recruitment and movie making in Alabama and a bill validating red light cameras.

Your editorial topic suggestions and feedback to our editorials are most welcome!