Wiregrass Newsroom: Motorists aren't the only ones out on the highway during Memorial Day weekend

Alabama State Troopers are out in full force during Memorial Day weekend.
Alabama State Troopers are out in full force during Memorial Day weekend.

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DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) - You might be headed to the beach, but Alabama State Troopers aren't.

"We're all working," says Trooper Kevin Cook.

Troopers have all hands on the highway for one of the busiest travel weekends of the year.

"Every trooper, regardless of rank, is going to be patrolling," adds Cook.

It's all part of a continued effort to better driving behavior and decrease traffic fatalities state-wide.  It's helping one driver feel "Good.  Because two of the cars that got stopped were going about 90 when they went by me," says Georgia resident, Maryann Worley.

Troopers say rainy weather and road construction could compound the problem, which is why Willie Handsford is glad to see them out.

"It's gonna be safer.  People are going to drive with caution.  That's what we're gonna do."

Troopers say they're already seeing better driving behavior as their presence on the road increases.  But they're still noticing problems in two areas--impaired driving and motorists not wearing their seat belts.

"Their number one response is they just forget to put them on," says Cook.

But not one motorist who's on his way to the beach.

"I always check to make sure I got my seat belt on if I see a state trooper," says Chase Worley.

Make no mistake, troopers say this isn't just a weekend initiative.

"It will be going on all year where we will be cracking down on impaired drivers and aggressive drivers too...following too close, improper lane usage, and failure to wear your seat belts," says Cook.

A crackdown making Willie's life a little easier.

"People won't be running up and down the road, and driving carelessly. They'll be looking out for the police, and I can ease on through...do what I gotta do."

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