River region residents spend Memorial Day in reverence

River region residents participate in Memorial Day celebrations around the area.
River region residents participate in Memorial Day celebrations around the area.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Flags fly high and age old anthems ring loud as folks across the river region remember in reverence.

"[It's] important that we don't forget," says one Prattville resident.

It's a day devoted to honoring those devoted to the cause.

"I just want Americans to remember the people that have sacrificed their lives for our freedom," says Col. Chris Beasley.

And though the rains came, Prattville residents didn't skip a beat--remembering those from their own community.

"I definitely appreciate everything they've done. Nobody would have the freedom if it wasn't for them," says one resident.

It was a similar gathering in Montgomery as visitors to the VA Hospital's service lifted salutes in appreciation.

"I feel like it supports the people who have served already, and those who are still serving," says Lucile Cunningham.

For some, the day hits close to home.

"For me it's special because of my dad. He was a World War II veteran, Korean veteran, and went to Vietnam twice," says Cathy Rowe.

But for everyone, it's a chance to show gratitude.

"We're here to celebrate what they've left for us and to show that we still support the military," says one visitor.

It's no different in Greenville as residents met in Confederate Park for a celebration giving special attention to area Vietnam veterans.

Lastly at the state capitol, wreaths hung in memory of fallen soldiers, and our nation's flag flew high in the sky. It's a symbol of America's freedom on a day we're reminded freedom isn't free.

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