Benjamin Russell H.S. Teacher a Class Act

This week's Class is Lori McCombs from Benjamin Russell High in Alex City.   She really likes to loosen things up.   She teaches PE for students with disabilities.     She's taught PE for the last 15 years.    "I got into PE because I couldn't believe you could get paid to play,"   McCombs said.

She loves to play and teach at the same time.  And she loves this group of students.  "This is a fantastic experience, and my favorite part of the day.    We get a whole lot of eye hand and eye foot coordination.  I believe if they're delayed in the classroom they're also behind here, so we can help catch them up in an easier environment."

One stretch at a time, her kids are making huge strides.  "When we started we had 4 or 5 students who could throw and catch, now they can all do it."    Mrs. Lori McCombs is quite a catch herself, she's this week's Class Act.