Editorial: Private Sector Change

Change with government leadership dominates discussion this year.

More powerful perhaps is change led by the private sector.

Common Ground Montgomery, a local ministry on Mobile Road begun by Brian Kelly to help young children in an area where crime and drugs sometimes become more prominent in their lives than love and nurturing continues to literally take back a neighborhood in our area.

We singled that ministry out in an editorial three months ago encouraging sustained volunteerism following the Home Makeover effort.

Now with the help of many community volunteers, that Ministry is building a new community center after purchasing land where an abandoned warehouse stood.

Plans for the center include classes for tutoring and a computer lab, in addition to a recreational outlet.

It is a great example of private sector leadership providing hope and tangible assistance to make a part of our community better.

We applaud all who have given money, materials and manpower to this effort.

We encourage even more involvement to complete this project and consider others!