Treasurer Ivey to enter Governor's Race

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Republican State Treasurer Kay Ivey says her name will appear on the ballot for governor, but a formal announcement won't be made for several weeks.

The Camden native says she's already lined up a campaign staff, pollster and direct mail company and is making plans to travel the state on the day she kicks off her campaign. She says one issue in her campaign will be curtailing excessive state spending.

Ivey has been in the spotlight for months wrestling with problems related to the state's prepaid college tuition program (PACT). Her office is in charge of the program, which has seen it's investments plummet in recent years.

Ivey sent an e-mail to supporters Wednesday night outlining her plans. In that email she wrote that some opponents have tried to use the problems in the PACT program to damage her, but she says she has survived.

She did, however, put off for a time her campaign preparations to deal with the PACT issue. She added that she did not want to make the

The former banker says she's devoted to fixing PACT and doesn't want to make "political hay" out of the bad situation.

Ivey, 64, is serving in her second term as the state's treasurer.

She will face several Democrats and Republicans for the state's top job. Rep. Artur Davis (D-Birmingham) and State Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks have already announced intentions. Tim James and former Chancellor of the 2-year college system Bradley Bryne are announced republican candidates.