Tallassee High School Principal on his new job

While the outside of Tallassee High School looks the same, fundamental changes are on the way.

It all starts with Bobby Abrams, an unlikely principal who found an unlikely path to his self-proclaimed dream job.

"The NFL was a stepping stone, this is my dream job."

But for many parents with children at Tallassee High School these last few years have been a nightmare.

Parent Linda Mattingly says, "I don't like the feeling every time I send my kids to school I'm dangling them over a bottomless pit, I don't know what's going to happen."

Now Abrams is the assurance they need.

His first admistrative position was at Tallassee's junior high school, five years and two schools later he's back as the big man on campus.

Mattingly says, "Tallassee has always been proud of its schools, but its with renewed confidence and a sigh of relief, we have someone capable and competent."

The confidence in Abrams comes from his need for structure and discipline.

Mattingly says she doesn't want her children afraid to go to school; a fear that multiplied in the spring when five students were arrested on gang-related charges.

Following the arrests, the school board voted not to renew the principal's contract, without confirming or denying it was related to the incident.

Now Abrams plans to close the book on the past and create a new beginning at Tallassee High.  "I think it is a school system that can go from good to great."