The Kenny Howard Fellowship

What is the Kenny Howard Fellowship Program?

The Kenny Howard Fellowship Program represents a joint venture of Auburn University, (the Departments of Health and Human Performance and Curriculum and Teaching), the Hughston Clinic, East Alabama Medical Center, and the Human Performance and Rehabilitation Center.

The purpose of the program is to educate certified athletic trainers (ATCs) and to provide health care to adolescent and pediatric athletes.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote athletic trainers in the high school setting, by providing a quality educational experience to masters level athletic trainers with an emphasis on the needs of the pediatric and adolescent athlete, producing research in the area of pediatric and adolescent sports health care, and demonstrating the financial feasibility of athletic trainers to the high school boards of education.

Why is the Kenny Howard Fellowship Program needed?

The largest need for certified athletic trainers is in the high schools where more than 6 million student-athletes participate in sporting activities. This program offers ATCs the opportunity to further their education and to help meet the specific needs of this population.

The ATCs are provided a unique opportunity to set up and develop their own program at the school, while working with student-athletes, coaches, administrators, and parents, to meet the needs of the high school setting.

Another benefit to having certified athletic trainers present in the high schools is the availability of assistance in creating athletic training school modules. Many high school students are interested in a sports medicine career (i.e., athletic training, physical therapy, sports medicine). We are able to develop programs within the school, where high school students can act as assistants to the ATCs. This further augments the athletic trainers' educational experiences and benefits those students interested in the health care profession.

Why was the Kenny Howard Fellowship Program created?

The Kenny Howard Fellowship Program was created to offer certified athletic trainers interested in a career in high school athletic training the opportunity to obtain their master's or doctoral-level degrees through graduate assistantships.

Students are enrolled in either the Department of Health and Human Performance or Curriculum and Teaching at Auburn University and are granted assistantships through Auburn University. Students are placed at participating high schools to assist in the administering of the health care needs of the school's athletic population.

The program benefits the graduate students as well as the school systems. The school provides an educational laboratory for the certified athletic trainers and the participating schools have board certified athletic trainers dedicated to their schools alone. This allows a one-on-one relationship between the athletic trainer and his school. The coaches, administrators, and parents are reassured the student-athletes' health care is managed in a safe, efficient manner.

Our optimal goal is to return the student-athletes to play as soon as they are rehabilitated from their injuries. This is accomplished through a team approach with the athletic trainers, physical therapists, doctors, parents and coaches all well informed of the student-athletes' progress.

Injury prevention is paramount to what we do. Our program offers pre-season physical screenings, pre-season conditioning courses, outreach educational programs, and lectures and seminars on adolescent and pediatric athletic health care.

Educating athletes and coaches on appropriate skills and techniques, flexibility, strength and conditioning, and heat and safety issues can help reduce the number and severity of injuries.

Facilities available through the Kenny Howard Fellowship Program

Through the Hughston Clinic, the Kenny Howard Fellowship Program has board-certified orthopedic sports medicine trained physicians. All orthopedic care is provided locally with each physician basing surgical procedures and hospital care at East Alabama Medical Center.

The Human Performance and Rehabilitation Center, with its sports oriented physical therapists, athletic trainers, and state of the art aquatic therapy programs, helps to assure the student-athletes receive the highest quality of care.

Graduates of the Kenny Howard Fellowship Program

Graduates of the Kenny Howard Fellowship Program have been successful in obtaining jobs at the high school, university/college, professional and clinical levels throughout Alabama and the United States.

Application Process
If you are interested in applying to become a fellow with the Kenny Howard Fellowship Program, please send a resume, cover letter, and three letters of recommendation to the attention of the following:
Jamie S. Gamber, MEd, ATC
Director of Sports Outreach
Kenny Howard Fellowship Program
1199 South Donahue Drive, Suite C
Auburn, AL 36832
Phone: (334) 821-2776