Mold becomes issue after Montgomery flooding

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Denny Brown knew right away what to do when that rotten smell from his carpet permeated his home.

"We had friends from church come over and ripped up all the pads and carpet and threw them out," said Brown who lives in the Forest Hills neighborhood in Montgomery.

By doing that Brown prevented a major mold problem, tiny spores that are invisible to the naked eye but grow under the perfect storm of moisture and water. And now that summer is here.

"Mold will grow above 80 degrees," said ServPro co-owner Bruce Bowen.

Cleaning companies like ServPro are still getting calls from flood victims more than 3 weeks after the flood, calls indicating they may have an issue inside their home.

"That means the water moisture wasn't handled properly," Bowen said.

Even the Montgomery County EMA office continues to get a steady stream of calls about mold.

"What we suggest is people have a professional do it. If they're not able to afford it and have to do it themselves, there are a number of websites they can go to. Just type in mold," said Mike Stoudenmier, Deputy Director of the Montgomery EMA.

Mold is nothing to play around with. It can health issues; allergies, skin irritations and asthma attacks.

Bowen estimates around 15% of the calls he serviced right after the flood had the beginning signs of mold.

"We're recommending that everything porous be removed. It (mold) can look green, black and purple," he said.

Colorful and potentially harmful.

Depending on the size of the home and the size of the mess, cleaning out a house could run hundreds of dollars if not thousands.

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