Editorial: Click It or Ticket

When I was a child my parents would sometimes let me sleep on the back dash of our car while traveling at night.   People did things like that 50 years ago.

By the time my children came along, 25 years ago,  everyone we knew was using child restraint safety seats...  and my kids have rarely ridden in or driven a car without being buckled up.

It's 2009 and Alabama's most recent "Click It or Ticket" campaign ended on May 31st , and since Click It or Ticket began back in 2000, seatbelt use has risen from 60% to 86 % in Alabama.

But consider this.  So far in 2009, of the 243 people who have died in traffic mishaps in Alabama, 131 were not wearing seatbelts.

You can argue all you want about your civil liberties.  I, myself, have mixed feelings about that.  But you can't argue the point that children need to be protected with seatbelts, because they can't decide for themselves to buckle up.

You also can't argue with the fact that seatbelts can save your life.

And "Click It or Ticket" is the law.

Wear your seatbelt.  Buckle up your children.  Obey the law.