Roy Moore running for governor

Judge Roy Moore wears a button signifying his campaign kickoff.
Judge Roy Moore wears a button signifying his campaign kickoff.

Written by: Eileen Jones - bio | email
Posted by: Melissa Harrison - email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA)- Roy Moore will probably always be known as the former chief justice of the state supreme court unless he's elected governor. Monday he announced his intent to run in the upcoming 2010 election.

Moore is no stranger to controversy. In 1995, he received statewide attention because of his refusal to take down a Ten Commandments plaque from the wall of his Etowah County courtroom. Eight years later he was in the national spotlight after refusing to obey a federal court order to remove a large granite monument displaying the Ten Commandments from the judicial building. He was removed from office, but two years later he has emerged again to run for governor.

Governor Bob Riley beat Moore in the 2006 primary election by a vote of nearly two to one. Moore says this year he plans to win.

The former chief justice's campaign platform stresses no more annual property tax appraisals, no gambling, no abortions, no homosexual marriages and states' rights. "The federal government has no right to come into our businesses, into our homes," says Moore. "There is a very valuable respect for the Constitution in the Tenth Amendment in this state, and I will preserve states' rights."

Political observers say that Moore's entry into the race will split the Republican religious-right vote between he and Tim James, but Moore says if there is a split vote it will be in his favor.

Moore's announcement comes on the first day that candidates can start raising money for their campaigns.