Taylor Road Academy closes, parents and teachers baffled

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) -- Parents are baffled, wondering why Taylor Road Academy disappeared without so much as a phone call.

"No explanation.  No prior notification.  No inkling that any of this was going to happen," said mother Jennifer Moncrief.

According to documents obtained by WSFA 12 News, the school filed an emergency petition for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Friday.

That means a permanent shutdown and nearly 300 kids without a school come fall.

"it's pretty sad... Because I doubt I could've ever gotten to see my friends again," explained William Moncrief, who would have started 2nd Grade in August.

The clock is ticking.  With only a few months to go, the window for enrolling kids somewhere else is either non-existent or shrinking by the day.

Either way, the short timetable has parents scrambling before they're locked out of choosing another private school.

"It just puts everybody in a state of shock, really.  You don't have any options left," Jennifer Moncrief said.

Parents aren't alone.  Dozens of teachers are unemployed and trying to add it all up.

"Tuesday, the teachers had a meeting, and we were told we were going to have summer school and that, yes, we were going to have a fall school," explained Yvonne Carrigan, one of the newly unemployed teachers.

Meanwhile, as kids try to enjoy summer vacation, the adults are left with a pretty tough assignment.

"We're all here for the children, and I just feel like the wind's been knocked out of the sails," Jennifer Moncrief explained.

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