New chief judge of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals from Montgomery

Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) -- The new chief judge of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals is from Montgomery.

That's the court that hears all of the cases that are appealed in Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

Judge Joel Dubina has been the Chief Administrative Officer for the circuit for the past three days.   In his new role he oversees all of the courts including his own court, the 11th Circuit.  Judge Dubina also oversees the district, magistrate and bankruptcy courts which locally are located in the Montgomery Federal Courthouse.

Judge Dubina has been on the 11th Circuit for the past 19 years.  His new term as chief judge lasts for seven years.

Judge Dubina said if he decides to move into senior status, the term maybe shorter or if he really likes the job it maybe longer.

He'll get no extra pay for his new position.