Unemployed Teachers create new lesson plan for TRA

Taylor Road Academy
Taylor Road Academy

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) -- With time before the next school year ticking away, hundreds of families frantically search for a solution.

"We have a lot of parents and teachers concerned about the fact that the school where they've been sending their children to for years is gone," said Joseph Hanlon, an unemployed teacher.

After 14 years and short notice, Taylor Road Academy vanished, or has it?

Former faculty members, including Hanlon, want to bring the institution back.  Dubbed "The New T.R.A., the proposed school would take over where the ill-fated academy left off.

"At 'The New T.R.A.', we want it to feel like a continuous experience," Hanlon said.

Other teachers hope for the best, waiting to move school supplies out of their homes and back into a classroom.

"I want to be positive about it, but [it's] a lot to take on in two months time," said Kim McCoy, a parent and former K-3 teacher at Taylor Road Academy.

If they were to start a new school, organizers would have to get licenses and accreditation, which could take as much as two years, according to AISA guidelines.

"Even if we could get it off the ground, I don't know how many parents would come back," McCoy said.

Despite the uphill battle, teachers are ready to be tested.

"I have no idea whether we're going to be successful with this or not.  All I know is, we are going to try," Hanlon exclaimed.

Teachers and parents are expected to hash out the details of "The New T.R.A." Friday night at an informational meeting.

The event takes place at 6:00PM, at Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church in Montgomery.

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