Sealing up the sinkhole in Wetumpka

Traffic will soon replace the construction equipment on Hill Street in Wetumpka.  Concrete trucks and tractors have been a staple in downtown since March, when a 30 foot sinkhole opened up taking a car with it.

Now, a fresh layer of asphalt is now replacing the sinkhole.  This phase of construction may seem like a non-event, but for those who have followed the repairs since March, it is a big milestone.  All the city needs is a few dry days to get the concrete poured and cured, then Hill Street will be back in business.

"We did not know we had this problem or we would have been on top of it before.  You don't know what you have in these cities that are covered up with concrete and dirt, that's one of the things with all the rain," explains Mayor Jerry Willis.

The city plans to open up Hill Street to traffic sometime early next week.  They are already planning to address more storm drains that feed into Company Street, but with the new wider roadway, the traffic won't be a problem.

The city still hasn't heard back from FEMA.  Right now, its footing the $350,000 of repairs.