The Big Switch - Simple Answers

WSFA 12 News has shut off our analog television transmitter and are now broadcasting in digital only.

If you have been getting WSFA 12 News over the air with an antenna using a digital television or a digital converter box before Friday June 12th buy cannot recieve us now, the most common issues affecting reception of WSFA 12 after the Big Switch are rescanning and antenna .

Our signal was UHF until Friday, June 12th.  Now it is VHF.  It is important that your antenna is VHF capable. If it is, try pointing the antenna toward Grady, Alabama in lower Montgomery County and rescanning your converter box or digital television for channels.

If you are using rabbit ears make sure the poles are set to 12 inches long and in the "V" configuration.  You may have to rescan several times or even manually enter 12.1 to receive us. If you don't pick us up then move your antenna slightly and try again. If you received WSFA before Friday, June 12th, you are well within range of our signal and should be able to receive us now with the proper antenna.

If your antenna is part of your DirecTV or DISH Satellite system you may have to reset your satellite reciever box and rescan for available channels

If you have been getting WSFA 12 News over the air with an antenna using an analog television without a digital converter box?


You need to get either a digital television or a digital converter box (but not both).

  • Digital televisions can be purchased at any store that sells television sets.  Just make sure you ask for a set with a digital tuner.
  • If you want to keep your old analog television, you can buy a digital converter box at most any store that sells television sets.  (If you want a discount coupon for a converter box click here).
  • Your current antenna may work just fine.  If not, many stores that sell television sets sell antennas.  We suggest using a store that can offer good advice on which antenna is right for your situation.


  • If you get a digital television set, simply connect the antenna to the set and follow the set's instructions on scanning for channels.
  • If you get a converter box, simply connect the antenna to the converter box and connect the converter box to your television, then follow the converter box instructions on scanning for channels.  (If you need someone to help you hook your converter box up click here).
  • If you're hooked up properly and still cannot get WSFA 12 News, try pointing the antenna toward Grady, Alabama, where our tower is located, and re-scanning for channels.  If that doesn't work, you may need a different antenna, either indoor or outdoor, depending on how far away you are from our transmitter.  You can visit or for help in selecting an antenna.

If you still can't get WSFA 12 News, call WSFA 12 News at 334-288-1212 Monday through Friday from 8:30am - 5:00pm.  We'll be glad to help.