Wiregrass Newsroom: BamaJam breaks down after successful weekend

Douglas Smith rakes up trash after the third night of BamaJam.
Douglas Smith rakes up trash after the third night of BamaJam.

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ENTERPRISE, AL (WSFA) - To some it's a filthy job but Douglas Smith dosen't mind.

"It's what I do for a living...it's how we pay the bills," he says.

He's cleaning up the mess from Saturday night when organizers say more than 120,000 people packed the field for BamaJam's final day.

But with record numbers comes record trash.

"I've been doing garbage 18 years. This is the most trash we've picked up so far," says Smith.

He's picking up things like cell phones, wallets, eye glasses, and chairs all mixed in among bottles and beer cans.

Crews say it could be days before the venue is clean.  They estimate nearly 50 tons of trash from the three day event.

That's enough to fill five garbage trucks.

It's an indication of a successful BamaJam.

"There's not another festival that compares to it," says BamaJam organizer, Ronnie Gilley.

But it's not just good for the fans. Gilley says it's a win-win for the state.

"We're bringing people from abroad. We're bringing our neighbors into Alabama to spend their money."

And as leaders breathe a sigh of relief, Douglas is still going strong on little steam.

"I've had about six hours sleep the last four days out here."

But at least each stroke leaves a clean spot behind.

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