High Flying Rubik's Master

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Enterprise, AL (WSFA) - Remember that crazy colorful cube from the 80's.    Most of us couldn't solve it and I'll admit I had to pull off the stickers.   But there's a young man in Enterprise who has some major Rubik's skills.    Adam Morgan learned how to solve the cube from his dad.   Now he leave's dad in the dust.      "I average around 22 seconds,"  said Morgan.

Yeah, 22 seconds.   I mixed it up good and he nailed it in 24 seconds, not too bad.   But Adam had his sights set on something higher, much higher.    "I always wanted to go skydiving.  I solve it in about 20 seconds, we have about 50 seconds free fall, so why not solve the Rubik's cube in freefall.

I could tell you about his free fall at 120 miles per hour, but it's better it you watch it yourself.  Check out the clip in the video player and see if he did it.