FEMA denies additional flood assistance

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Denied. Autauga, Elmore and Montgomery counties will not see anymore of the funds they need in the wake of last month's historic flooding.

FEMA declined the request for individual assistance Monday. In a letter addressed to Governor Bob Riley FEMA said," The findings...revealed that the damage to these counties was not of the severity and magnitude to warrant their designation under the Individual Assistance Program."

The state of Alabama is preparing an appeal and has 30 days to present new information.

Montgomery mayor Todd Strange will be in Washington, D.C. Wednesday and Thursday for a scheduled trip on economic development. He said he would appeal the decision.

The Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency is calling on all flood victims to send in pictures of the damage they sustained. You can email these photos, along with your name, phone number and address, to

Already in the U.S. capital city, Congressmen Bobby Bright (D-Montgomery) and Mike Rogers (R-Anniston) are working to find a solution to the agency's payment refusal.

Bright spoke with WSFA 12 News a short time after learning of FEMA's decision. He urged local governments to find any additional information they could that might help overturn the decision. "We're going to go back into the office...and be the go-between and get that additional information," he said.

Rogers, who serves on the Department of Homeland Security committee, said he will bring the matter before the new head of FEMA Tuesday morning during scheduled testimony. Rogers said he wanted to know what logic was used to determine whether or not the River Region would receive help.

The River Region was hit by a massive flood in early May. More than 10 inches of rain pounded the capital city and surrounding areas in just a few, short hours. Numerous homes and businesses, the basement of Montgomery City Hall and even parts of the state capitol building were covered in water.

One person was also killed when rising flood waters swept his car into a drainage ditch.