Editorial: Digital Era

When you turn on the "Today in Alabama" newscast Friday morning it will be broadcast in digital only.

Overnight Thursday we will turn off our analog signal.

For the past five years we've been broadcasting both an analog and digital signal.

After Thursday's Jimmy Fallon show, we will be only digital.

If you get WSFA via cable or DISH satellite, you won't need to do a thing, except continue to enjoy WSFA and our two other digital channels, WSFA 12.2 and RTV (retro television).

If you have a digital television or a digital converter box and get us over the air without cable or satellite, all you need to do is re-scan for channels Friday morning.

That's because our digital channel will be moving from 14 to 12.

We will be at maximum digital power Friday morning so you will have a terrific picture to view.

Our newscasts have been produced in high definition for the past year so if you haven't taken advantage of that viewer benefit, please do!

If you have DirecTV and get us locally over the air, you must get a digital converter box and antenna to receive our signal, since that satellite provider still doesn't give you the local channels.

And if you have an analog television and don't subscribe to cable or DISH satellite, you will need to get a digital converter box and antenna to get our signal.

Please do that today and be ready for the totally digital era of television.